Jean Luc Thomas


Toni Braga 2 - Oficina Digital©Philippe Ollivier

This show arrives after several journeys of the artist in Brasil between 2009 and 2015.
From soundtakes and videos shooted from Recife to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Jean-Luc brings us in a potes trip between Piafanos sounds, Frevo, Choro and improvisations he creates according to colors, sounds and people he met along his way.
Thanks to Logelloop, the software sound treatments created by Philippe Ollivier and Christophe Baratay.
He creates a climate in a spatialized sound based non 6 speakers surrounding the audience, brings us for a concert of one hour from Nordeste to Sudeste fixing mélodies and obsession rythms.
Scenographic support and video mapping: Laurent Petereau.
Co realisation: Cie Hirundo Rustica – Fur Ha Foll

Video mapping - Oficina Digital©Philippe Ollivie répétition au Logelloù - Oficina Digital©Philippe Ollivier