Jean Luc Thomas

Le Bois Qui Chante

Le Bois qui chante

©Nolwenn Blouin – tryptyk

Two artists, Jean Luc Thomas and David Hopkins, remember their common grandfather Trevor, voyager and adventurer, and discover an old chest full of treasures and especially flutes which will open up a musical journey around the world.
The voyage is illustrated by the watercolours and sketches of Gildas Chasseboeuf, animated by Jacques-Yves Lafontaine.
The duo leads us, enchanted, into their imaginary and richly coloured universe.
Based on a script by Patrick Ewen, the story is conceived as the initiative journey of the hero who travels the world, discovering the musical wealth, the diversity of materials, mankind’s boundless imagination for creating musical instruments, the observation of Nature in the conception of these instruments …