Jean Luc Thomas



Nolwenn Blouin – tryptyk

The flute belongs to the family of wind instruments. It dates back prehistorical times and since then has never ceased to exist all over the world in forms, materials and very diverse functions.
The soft and clear sound of flutes has always made it a magical, spellbinding and ritual instrument.
In civilizations of oral tradition, the language of the flute belongs to the soul. It carries life and love. In European culture, it is said to have strange powers as can be seen in Greek mythology and the creation of panpipes by the God of the same name, in the legend of the Hamelin flute player, or in Mozart’s Magic Flute…
Two musicians, one is Irish, percussionist and mad about flutes in particular from Amazonia. The other one is Breton, plays the wooden flute and has been interested for a long time in the history and evolution of this magical instrument.
In a playful and musical conference-concert, they will give you an insight into the beauty, richness and the omnipresence of flutes in world cultures.