Jean Luc Thomas

Duo Thomas – Riou

Duo Thomas / Riou

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Very light formation allowing a lot of freedom, the duo is a fantastic formation for the rendering of Breton music whether in a dance context (fest-noz) or in concerts.
The Thomas-Riou duo was formed in 2003 and presents a repertoire consisting of Breton and Irish pieces, without forgetting some little trips under other latitudes.
These two very experienced musicians have already taken part in many projects (Veillon /Riou, Gilles Servat, Dibenn, Hastañ, Kej…) and have known each other for a very long time. Today, the time seems to be right for them to meet in a more formal way and to offer a duet able to perform in concerts as well as festoù -noz. The pleasure to play together is indisputable for the pair Thomas-Riou where each detail becomes a way to radically and assertively voice themselves. This delicate combination proves to be an area where they can express themselves freely and richly. The repertoire is always evolving. Since 2002, the duo has played in festoù-noz, in concerts, from acoustic cabaret settings to big festivals, in Brittany and beyond. The duo has managed to move a large audience thanks to the clever marriage of sensitivity and energy.

The duo recorded an album spring 2009. These two pieces are from the “Arri eo Ar Momant”

Yvon Riou

Yvon Riou is one of Brittany’s leading guitarists. Concerts and albums with among others Jean-Michel Veillon have earned him the title of top ranking musician. 30 years of career in Breton and Irish traditional music, accompanying renowned soloists, have enabled him to develop a unique style, which is much appreciated and sought after. Yvon has played throughout the world, from Chicago to Belfast, in Germany, Austria, Poland, Holland, Spain, Italy, etc. He has been heard in the company of Ronan Le Bars, Gilles Servat, Skolvan, Orion, Kristen Nogues, Sons of the Desert, Pennoù Skoulm, Timmy McCarthy, David “Hopi” Hopkins, Desi Wilkinson, Paul Bradley, Brid Harper …
Today Yvon plays with The Brian McCombe Band, Banshee, in duo with flutist Jean-Luc Thomas and Sligan. He also teaches guitar, notably in “open tuning” (DADGAD)

1989 : Maogan « Maogan » (Autoproduction) Cassette
1990 : Pennoù Skoulm « Pennoù Skoulm » (Escalibur-Diffusion Breiz) CD/Cassette
1992 : Bro Dreger IV « Kanaouennoù an aod » (Kreizenn sevenadurel Lannuon) Cassette
1993 : Jean Michel Veillon « E Koad Nizan » (Gwerz Pladenn) CD/ Cassette
1995 : Bro Dreger VI « Dans Kerne » (Kreizenn Sevenadurel Lannuon) CD/ Cassette
1995 : Jean Michel Veillon et Yvon Riou « Pont Gwenn ha Pont Stang » (Gwerz Pladenn) CD
2000 : Duo VEILLON-RIOU « Beo ! » Live in Belfast (An Naër Produksion)
2002 : Sons of the desert « goodnight noises everywhere… » Label Bleu. CD
2007 : Na Ciotogi « live in Landshut » CD